Basics of Baseball Three Umpire Mechanics
Resources and Links
Introduction Below are some resources and links to help you learn three-umpire mechanics, along with other baseball information.

Power Point Presentation

Excellent diagrams and descriptions. 3 Man Coverage Power Point Presentation by David Tooley.

Referee Magazine Referee
Lots of materials including the CCA Baseball Umpires Manual - Click Here for Products

Another 3 Umpire Mechanics Resource 3 Man Umpiring Simplified (pdf)


Baseball / Softball Site

Granting Batter's Time or Not

Rules Review Exams

High School Baseball and Little League Baseball Rules Review Exam


Umpire Uniforms

D1 Sports Apparel


The ABUA is the largest membership association for amateur baseball umpires in the U.S.

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The ABUA provides a national organization and network where individual umpires and local associations can promote professionalism, integrity and a love of the game.

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Other Web Sites

Arizona Umpiring Academy

Sport Science - Episode 5 - Out of Control - Bad Calls
Inside look at the difficulties of being an umpire.

YouTube Uploaded on Nov 21, 2007
Jim Evans, John Brenkus, Base Productions



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